Depression Treatment Baltimore

dr neal officeDepression treatments can be as varied as the individuals who suffer from the disorder. Depression can affect each person differently and so the best possible avenue for treatment will depend on each particular needs. Of course, there are some general forms of treatment which can be used in various combinations for most depressed patients, but finding just the right mix for you can be half the battle.

Step one in any treatment is recognizing and understanding the symptoms. While we all occasionally have feelings of sadness, anxiety and hopelessness caused by major life changes including moving, changing jobs or getting divorced, these feelings are usually temporary and resolve themselves over time. It is when they become overwhelming and constant that true depression sets in, and this is when it becomes time to find the best depression treatments.

The primary cause of depression is disturbances in neurotransmissions, the regular messages that tell our brain how and what to feel. When neurotransmitters break down, the brain can have difficulty letting go of negative feelings or balancing them out with positive energy. Depression treatments focus on regaining this balance by re-establishing proper neurotransmission.

The major components of depression treatment are self-help steps, lifestyle changes, and professional help. The best depression treatments will involve some combination of each, tailored to the individual’s particular needs. Exactly what you need to help you will depend heavily on your circumstances and your physical makeup. It is imperative that you consult with your doctor before beginning any treatment as professional medical help is a necessity for proper treatment.

Once you have acknowledged the problem, you can begin to consider which depression treatments will work best for you. No matter what you do, having a good support system in place is crucial. The more support you can get from family and friends, the easier the path to healing will be.

Along with providing support, the best depression treatments also encourage the patient to make changes to his or her lifestyle to increase positive energy. Getting more exercise, developing new interests, changing your diet to include foods rich in serotonin and making sure you get enough sleep can all help to adjust the balance of neurotransmitters. Therapy can also help as it allows you to express your feelings and address them more directly.

Medication can also be a part of most depression treatments, but it is important to remember that you have options. There is no reason to rely solely on traditional antidepressants, which can carry the threat of becoming addictive as well as having serious side effects. There are other alternatives, among them natural herbal remedies which can help to restore proper neurotransmission without exposing you to side effects. Many people believe this makes them the best depression treatments because they are safe and healthy.

When it comes to treating depression, the most important thing to remember is that there is no one right answer. Make sure you consider all the different treatment methods to find the one that is right for you. Depression doesn’t have to take over your life; with the right treatment, you can take your life back and enjoy living it again.

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Benefits of Hiring A Baltimore Errand Service

Tasks11Are you a busy professional or a businessman with a busy schedule? There are so many of us with so much to do but we just can’t seem to do every task because of limited time. Well you can hire someone to take care of your daily tasks in Baltimore, someone who will make sure that all that appears in your to-do list is done as per your plans and directives. It is the best idea especially, if your schedule is tight and you have a lot to take care of. At times the tasks may be too involving leaving you with little or no time for your family or time to rest. You don’t have to over work yourself. Pass A Task Baltimore Errand Service offers errand services at an affordable fee. They will get all your tasks done better and faster for a little fee.

An errands service provider will take care of your daily or weekly to-do list. They will take care of your animals, pick up your clothes from the dry-cleaner, take your car to the garage, stock the fridge, pick your kids from school and handle any other task on your to-do list while you are at work or away on a trip. An errand service business will relieve you the weight on your shoulders. You don’t have to be rich as most people think of people who enjoy errand service, “Pass A Task, a Baltimore Errand Service” can help.

Benefits of hiring an errand service

• An errand service business will take care of your entire to-do list and leave you only the tasks you want to do.

• You can be able to direct your energy towards the most important tasks only and enjoy a stress free life.

• You won’t have to run around as your errand guys will be doing so for you.

• You will be able to live a simplified life once you delegate the tasks to an errand service provider.

• You will have enough time to dedicate to other duties or simply enjoying while relaxing

• Hiring an errand support will provide you convenience once the in charge masters your schedules and ensures that your errands are run on time.

• You will be able to enjoy a simplified lifestyle after delegating all duties

If you are living in Baltimore, you can enjoy all these services offered by Pass A Task, this is a professional Baltimore errand service that include lifestyle management, personal assistant services, errand services for categories of people from retirees, businesses, families and individuals. Their services are reliable, perhaps a reason why they are the most preferred in Baltimore and the surrounding counties.  They also work with preferred vendors that they can recommend for services like, sedan services in Baltimore, water taxi services in Baltimore, massage services, entertainment services and much more!

If you wish to reduce the task burden on your shoulders and still have everything done as per your to-do list, a professional errand service will help. Don’t look further “Pass A Task” is the way to enjoy a stress free life.

Short History of Baltimore

This article has a brief look at the History of Baltimore.

shottowerBaltimore is the biggest United States city in Maryland. It is the biggest independent city. Baltimore is located on the river of Patapsco. It is approximately 480 feet above sea level in the northern corner of Pimlico.

Baltimore was first developed in 1929. It has the second biggest seaport in the Mid-Atlantic. Baltimore was also the main area for those who were migrating to the United States.

Native Americans were the main residents in Baltimore in the 1600’s. This has been the case since the times before Christ.

Baltimore is a popular manufacturing destination. Once its manufacturing and other industries disappeared, Baltimore then developed a hospital in the year 1889. A University was then developed in the year 1876. These two companies employ many workers today.

In the eighteenth century, Baltimore developed sugar producing colonies. These were located in the Caribbean. During this time, a market for the public was also developed.

Baltimore was very involved in the American Revolution. Its leaders soon got Baltimore to start paying taxes to Britain. Once the American Revolution ended, Baltimore developed towns named Fells Point and Jonestown. These towns soon became a part of Baltimore.

After the war was over, Baltimore became very large. It is now known as “The Monumental City”.

There are many residents in Baltimore. These residents include famous individuals. These individuals include: writers, jazz musicians, singers, movie makers, actors and sport players. During the 1812 war, the cities national anthem was created.

The main jobs in Baltimore include: technology, mathematics, science, and engineering. These are taught in most schools and universities.

There is much that can be said about the History of Baltimore. We have given just a brief overview. If you would like to know more you can simply research this for yourself on the internet.

Relaxing Things to Do in Baltimore, MD

Need ideas on things that you can do in Baltimore, MD? If so, you have come to the right place; there are a number of relaxing spots at Baltimore, MD. The following are some of the places that you may visit.

Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens.

This is a garden in Baltimore that has got five distinct areas and it was opened in the year 1888, the areas are as follows;

  • Orchid room
  • Mediterranean house
  • Tropical house
  • Original palm house
  • Desert House.

Pope John Paul II Prayer Garden.

This is an outdoor spiritual retreat that is located in a green field in the middle of the city, the garden is made in a design that resembles a fish with an image that is often that is often associated with Jesus, and the garden is always opened from 9 a.m to 7 p.m.

Clyburn Arboretum.

This is a city park that spans to about 207 acres of land, here, you will enjoy a scenic view whereby you will be able to get to discover rare trees, wild flowers and native trees, more so, there are collections of hollies, conifers, Maryland oaks, Japanese maples and more standing on spacious lawns and green gardens.

Druid Hill Park. 

This is one of the oldest American landscaped public park, it has got miles of green expanses and it lies on 750 acres of land.

Self guided tours of Baltimore’s Monuments.

This is the perfect thing to do while you are in Baltimore, there are a number of monuments that celebrates heroes that you can explore such as;

The Washington monument – this is built in Mount Vernon in honor of George Washington.

The battle Monument – this was built in honor of those who died during the 1812 and also to commemorate the battle of Baltimore.

In conclusion, there are a number of peaceful relaxing spots in Baltimore that will definitely give you good time.

Struggle with relaxation?  If so check out this blog site about Relaxing Your Mind.



Baltimore Takes its Activity to the Next Level

Bustling Baltimore takes its activity to the next level!

baltimore activityLet’s face it: public transit in Baltimore is known to be far from stellar and as a result many Baltimoreans resort to their car for their daily commute, but with roughly 24% of its inhabitants getting little to no physical activity many are looking for a way to improve their health.

This is where activity monitors have come to the rescue. You’ve probably spotted quite a few in the wild already; while some look like elaborate watches others sport a more sleek and minimalistic style – ultimately, however, they all serve the same purpose. They track your activity levels and help you improve your daily routine whilst simultaneously providing you with positive feedback to keep you on track.

Aided by activity monitors many citizens of Baltimore are now starting to get a grip on the most important aspects of their daily routine that affect their health: How many steps did I take? How did I sleep, have I been standing long enough? With so many factors to keep track of one would imagine that the only calories burnt are those spent crunching the numbers. Fortunately that is not the case.

These wearable pieces of modern technology have made it extremely simple for them to follow up on and set realistic goals that fit their lifestyles and performance levels, whilst motivating them to move a little further than they normally would. And while cars still have a place, some are now taking their bike to work instead or parking just a little further away than they normally would. In return these Baltimoreans are awarded with the immense satisfaction that comes with accomplishing their set goals, but ultimately the real benefit is that of the improved quality of life that comes with a healthy lifestyle.

Being easily accessible, affordable and with something to offer for every walk of life it’s easy to see why activity monitors are becoming increasingly popular in Baltimore.

The Best Baltimore SEO Company

The Best Baltimore SEO Company24122_Virtual_Surge_Logo_1

Does your company need some assistance with online marketing?  I have worked with Virtual Surge who is a Baltimore based SEO company.  They do search engine optimization, social media marketing, reputation management and web design.

I consider Virtual Surge to be the best Baltimore seo company because I have worked with them and they have met my expectations and in some cases, exceeded them.  I have worked with other SEO and marketing companies in the past.  Looking back, the thought of all of the money I invested in broken promises is frustrating.  When I found out about Virtual Surge through a referral, I was at first hesitant.  However, I needed something to get done.  I was not dominating the search engines and my competition was getting customers that I could have had.

I sat down with a representative from what I now consider the best Baltimore SEO company, and was given a thorough presentation of where my company stood as far as rankings and social exposure.  She was very knowledgeable and walked me through some professional tactics that she would use to help me achieve my marketing goals.  The investment was pricey and it was hard to take that risk after the prior bad experiences I have had however, I knew from the recommendation that I received that I couldn’t pass it up.  I had to be patient as it takes time to see results but I was kept informed and watched my business grow and expand just from the online exposure I was given.

Whether you live in Baltimore or anywhere else, Virtual Surge can help.  They have clients all over the US.  They are passionate about what they do and treat each client’s sites like it is their own.

Virtual Surge also offers Maryland Web Design services through their parent company Ingenious Source.  To learn more, ask a member of Virtual Surge today.

Wearable Technology for the Business Traveler

The inventions of wearable technology are made possible because of advances in technology and the simplification of the user interface all you need is a smartphone and your wearable gadget that is equally easy to wear on the wrist, in the pocket or around the neck and you are all set. Bluetooth and plug and play syncing options can do the job of keeping track of your progress.

All of these gadgets are beneficial to the frequent business flier and can assist in making your health maintained while traveling around.  A lot of people do not take the time to exercise when they are travelling.  Having wearable gadgets will motivate you and also serve as a reminder to get moving.  In addition to these new gadgets, there are also some other products on the verge of being released which will also help healthy business fliers. One of these will include magnetic insoles which massage your meridian points on the soles of your. In addition, you can also count on a soon to be released power napping eye mask which will allow you to power nap to perfection.  It works by its timer that wakes you by simulating a natural sunrise wake sequence. How cool is that?  With the time changes, this is perfect!  A final example is of another low-tech offering which has not been released is a silicon wristband which monitors pollution you are exposed to. Anyone who is concerned about toxins and fume events when they fly could for instance use the band to monitor exactly what they are exposed to.

Technology is an amazing thing and will continue to advance.  To find some amazing wearable gadgets and information, visit Wearable Technology World.

Baltimore Riots – A Residents Perspective

gty_baltimore_protest_tl_150428_16x9_992April 27, 2015 is a date that I will always remember not only because it is my birthday, but because of the riots that occurred in Baltimore City due to the death of Freddie Gray.  If you are not familiar with this, Freddie Gray was a young African American who was chased down by police and arrested.  Sometime between the time they put him in the police van to the time he got to the police station, he was found unconscious and later died at the hospital.  People were outraged.

Baltimore City is already full of high crime unfortunately so when you take a high crime area, a lot of young “thugs” (our Mayor referred to them as such) and a lot of anger over racism, it turns into protests and unfortunately in some cases, violence as it did in Baltimore City.  There were millions of dollars worth of damage caused to our City.  The police department was told to stand down and so they had little impact on what was going on.  They had to stand there and watch people loiter, damage cars (including police cars) and many other violent acts.  Some of the buildings in the City were set on fire as well.  It was the first time in baseball history that two professional baseball teams had to play an official game in our stadium Oriole Park at Camden Yards to an empty ball park.  Fans were not permitted to attend.

Regardless of where you live, to see all of this anger and even hatred is a very sad thing.  Our country is so divided and racism is a major issue.  As a very sensitive, caring and loving person, it tears me up inside to go through things like this, especially in my City.

Things finally calmed when there was a curfew put into place in our entire City and the National Guard was called in.  To drive down in the streets of Baltimore and see uniformed military men with guns was surreal.  They all stood there and lined up the streets.  To see the pictures, videos and posts on Facebook as it was all occurring was devastating.  Our schools closed, businesses had to close by the curfew time…it was just a very negative time.

The day after the riots, I was driving home from the city and I came to a large intersection where people were holding signs that said “honk for peace”.  Everyone was honking and smiling and it gave me goose bumps.  As with every tragedy you find at least some good where people come together and that day they did.  The high crime, disliked Mayor and racism will continue here in Baltimore.  As much as I love my City, a part of me wants to find a much gentler and quiet city to live.

Below you will find actual footage of the violence that took place. You will see some citizens yelling for them to stop the violence. Due to the many pictures, videos and street cameras, some of these violators were caught.


Historic Fells Point in Baltimore

fells point baltimoreFells Point is a historic waterfront neighborhood, which was established in about 1726, in the southeastern area of Baltimore City, along the north shore of the Baltimore Harbor and the Northwest area of the Patapsco River.  Fells Point is named for the Englishmen who founded a ship-building company there in 1726 that would go on to produce the famous “Baltimore Schooners”, Fell’s Point is a spirited waterfront community in celebration of Baltimore’s British roots.

The neighborhood has remained mostly unchanged since its founding and attracts many visitors. You can explore the 18th and 19th century homes and stores.  Most of the homes and stores were once one of the “three B’s”: boarding houses, brothels and bars. There are many shops which include antique stores, restaurants, music stores, coffee bars, a municipal markethouse with individual stalls, and more than 120 pubs.  The restaurants go from very casual to upscale. The many pubs make it a hot spot for the night life.Fells_Point

In the fall, the Fells Point Festival takes place which is always a good time. During Halloween, there is always a big party.  Fells Point is full of life and tradition.  It is surrounded by water and a few miles from the Inner Harbor.  Be sure to drive slow as you travel through as some of the roads are made of brick and can be a bit bumpy.

To find much more about Baltimores Fells Point, check out the Visit Baltimore site.

Check out this video for a short preview of what Fells Point actually looks like.


Crabs in Baltimore

Before I spend the time reviewing crab restaurants (which I will very soon), I thought I would share a video showing HOW to eat crabs.  If you come to Baltimore or already live in Baltimore, it is a tradition and a MUST TRY.  Do not visit the City of Baltimore without eating crabs.  Unless of course you are allergic to shell fish.

Check out this how to video and check back for the best crab restaurants in Baltimore.